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  • competitive compensation and meaningful equity

5x Data

About the Role
At 5X our top priority is now to build out the platform. Picture every company using 5X as getting a core stack (Fivetran, Snowflake, dbt) out of the box with user permissions, security, GDPR process, PII process built on top of. 
Our platform will also integrate with other vendors in the modern data stack space so for instance if a company wants a reverse ETL platform we would have vendors for each. With one click they will be able to add the vendors to their stack and setup the vendor with right data access and unified billing (single bill for the entire data stack).
We are looking for backend engineers to help build this platform. This is a full-time role and will report to the Head of Engineering.
  • Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Information Technology and Management, Electrical Engineering or a related field.
  • Desirable experience range: 4-7 years
  • You value the importance of defining data contracts, and have experience writing specifications including REST APIs.
  • You have good knowledge in Java and Spring Boot. 
  • A good understanding of cloud warehouse such as Snowflake, Amazon Redshift
  • Experience working with RDBMS like Postgres, Oracle or SQL Server
  • You have implemented analytics applications using multiple database technologies, such as relational, multidimensional (OLAP), key-value, document, or graph.
  • Experience building cloud-native applications and supporting technologies / patterns / practices including: AWS/GCP/Azure, Docker, CI/CD, Kubernetes and Microservices.
  • You’ve worked in agile environments and are comfortable iterating quickly.
  • Benefits
  • 100% remote company – We love to give our employees the freedom to choose where they want to work from.
  • Wellness – We have monthly wellness programs & workshops to make sure that all our employees are happy and satisfied.
  • Competitive compensation –We offer competitive compensation and meaningful equity.
  • Healthcare – We cover all employees’ health benefits and their dependents.
  • Parental leave – We value and support the family planning process and provide paid parental.
  • Offsite- 2 offsite a year to incredible destinations. Check out our 2023 offsites → Srilanka and Bali .
  • About 5X
    5X lets you build your own data platform in minutes, not months. Think of us as AWS + App Store for the modern data stack. 
    We’ve raised a $2.4m seed round from Flybridge angels like Olivier (CEO Datadog), Maxime (CEO Preset, Airflow), Julien (CTO Marquez, Creator Parquet),  Benn Stancil (Founder Mode), Soumyadeb (Founder Rudderstack) and other prominent angel investors.
    The modern data stack is highly fragmented. The analogy we use is that all the vendors are selling ‘car parts’. Imagine walking into a Honda and instead of selling you a Civic they sell you an engine and you have to build your own car. That’s exactly what the experience looks like today. 
    Companies need to sign up with multiple vendors – taking  4 months+ to set up, spend 20% of engineering resources on maintenance and have a poor experience switching between multiple vendors. 5X consolidates data vendors into a single platform with 3 pillars
    Provision – Build an end to end custom data platform based on your industry, use case, size and budget
    Operate – Single IDE to operate all your vendors so you don’t need to switch between multiple tools on a daily basis
    Optimize – The first ever cost optimization suite across all of your data vendors. Ensure you get the most out of every $ you spend. 
    Customers using 5X are hilariously more efficient than traditional data teams.  
    Join a fast-growing team to help customers leverage data infrastructure without the complexity.
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