Head of Business Operations


The Future Evidence Foundation aims to improve lives by changing the way the world creates and uses trustworthy knowledge. We do this by pioneering global initiatives that strengthen the systems driving evidence-informed policy and action. Our work is guided by three core values: One Team, Find A Way and Honour Knowledge.

In 2014, we launched Covidence – a SAAS platform that enables research teams to quickly and comprehensively synthesise the world’s primary research into actionable summaries of scientific knowledge. Covidence is used by more than 300,000 researchers and students across thousands of organisations.

More recently, we pioneered Living Evidence – a dynamic process that enables systematic reviews to be continuously updated with the latest scientific findings. Unlike conventional static reviews, Living Evidence delivers both accurate and current scientific summaries – a breakthrough in science.

Our latest endeavour is Alive – a global initiative that builds evidence partnerships in which systematic reviews are produced once and used many times. Our model unites evidence users with overlapping needs to collectively fund a single review. This model aims to reduce evidence costs and increase evidence use in decision-making.

Join us in using cutting-edge technology and collaborative innovation to transform evidence production and use and accelerate us toward a better world.

The Role – The Head of Business Operations will focus on the Alive business. The infancy of Alive means the key priority is building sustainable and scalable business and operating models. This will be achieved by delivering of four key responsibilities. (edited) 

Key Responsibilities

Overseeing the development and execution of the Alliance strategic plan

    • Collaborate with the CEO and GM to define OKRs, identify and prioritise key initiatives, and determine resourcing requirements.
    • Coordinate and monitor execution of the strategic plan by facilitating a cadence of planning and execution, coordinating the mobilisation of resources and providing regular reporting on key metrics.
    • Collaborate with the GM and Head of Finance on developing, monitoring and iterating a budget that is fiscally responsible and supports objectives.

    Developing and mobilising a commercial model, agreement structure and organising structure for evidence production, exchange and brokerage

    • Led the development and go-to-market (GTM) of a sustainable pricing model and incentive structure that drives partnership contribution.
    • Led the development and GTM of a set of standardised agreements between stakeholders that facilitate and govern evidence production, exchange and use.
    • Collaborate with the CEO, GM and Alliance for Living Evidence (Alive) Executive Committee on developing a long-term organising structure and model for the business.

    Developing and mobilising a sustainable and scalable operating model

    • Establishing and maintaining partnerships and define service, monetisation and automation.
    • Develop, mobilise and scale standardised process flows and operating procedures (SOPs). 
    • Collaborate with Product to develop and execute a product roadmap.

    Managing the operations lifecycle of philanthropic and partnership relationships 

      • Collaborate with the CEO and GM to understand the people, budget and delivery implications of the evolving pipeline of philanthropic and evidence partnership opportunities.
      • Direct and then monitor the deployment of philanthropic funds and associated resources towards agreed objectives and deliverables.
      • Manage the onboarding, delivery / compliance and offboarding of philanthropic and evidence partner relationships including (re)negotiating commercial terms; aligning, signing and iterating agreements; reporting on deliverable progress and payments; and ensuring full delivery of and compliance with all agreements.

      You are best described as a self-starter who is adaptable, passionate about business scalability and sustainability and loves working as part of a global team to make a meaningful difference.


      • Exceptional oral and written English communication skills that clearly convey complex ideas and elicit feedback.
      • Strong interpersonal skills that enable you to engage, influence and collaborate with people at all levels of seniority and from all backgrounds.
      • Excellent negotiation and stakeholder management skills that enable you to identify, communicate and formalise win-win agreements.
      • Strong strategic thinking skills that enable you to understand a strategic direction and intent, translate it into a set of supporting objectives and tactics, and use it to inform day-to-day program and project level prioritisation and delivery decisions.
      • Exceptional problem-solving skills that enable you to methodologically break down ambiguous problems and identify the most strategically valuable solution.
      • Highly numerate with an affinity for data and data-driven decision-making
      • Strong leadership skills that enable you to build and scale high performing teams (i.e. superior attraction, engagement, mobilisation and retention of talent)

      Qualifications & Experience:

      • Bachelor’s degree in a business-related field or equivalent practical experience
      • 6+ years’ experience advising, driving or leading strategy or business operations for high growth B2B companies, with at least 3 years in leadership positions
      • 3+ years’ experience developing, mobilising and evolving commercial and operating models within a marketplace tech business is strongly preferred.
      • An advanced degree in business (e.g. MBA) is advantageous.


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