Software Engineer Salaries in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg & More

it engineer salary in germany
software engineer salary in germany

Germany has always been a front-runner in the business world, especially in the technology and IT sectors. At the heart of the IT sector is software engineering. Business all over the world source software engineers from cities in Germany such as Berlin, Munich and Hamburg because of these engineers’ high level of skill and experience.

According to, the software developer role is expected to grow by 21% in the next five years. With a good working-life balance, coupled with generous salaries, Germany is an attractive destination for software developers looking to build a career. As a result, there has been an influx of developers in the country!


Germany is known to be the biggest and fast-growing software development market in Europe. A growing demand for information and communication technology (ICT), IT and software services providers are the core factors of this market growth. But what does it cost to hire a software developer in Germany?

Germany is a big country and as with all big industries, there are fluctuating levels of salaries in the different cities. Although almost every bigger city in Germany has good job opportunities, some of the cities are better for job-seekers in the IT industry. For example, the software engineer salary Berlin differs from the salary in Munich. Some cities are home to more startups and well-established IT giants than others. Let’s take a deeper look into the different cities and what they can offer.

The Job Market and Software Engineer Salary in Berlin

Berlin is a vibrant and busy city with a melting pot of different cultures. When it comes to software engineering it is also home to some of the most exciting and happening startups in Europe. Some even call it Silicon Alley!

It is in the city that most software engineers will start looking for employment. This is due to the fact that Berlin is Germany’s biggest city with 3.8 million inhabitants, and job opportunities are more readily available.

Berlin’s average annual salary for a software engineer is around €72,313.23. Compared to the average software engineer salary in Germany, this rate is above average! This higher average salary is partly because Berlin is the capital of Germany and the demand for software experts is much higher compared to other parts of the country. It is also because Berlin has a slightly higher cost of living.
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The Job Market and Software Engineer Salary in Munich

Munich is Germany’s third largest city with 1.5 million inhabitants. Munich, unlike Berlin, is a more traditional city for the IT sector. Here you will find big tech giants such as IBM and Google, which have called the city home for quite some time. These big companies offer good perks like excellent working conditions and an industry-related IT salary in Germany. Software engineers looking for a safer job placement, these tech companies are an excellent option.

The average software engineer salary Munich is slightly lower than Berlin for software engineers, at around €53,967.58 annually, but still approximately 4% higher than the national average.
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The higher IT engineer salary in Germany’s city Munich is due to the fact that the city is a hotspot for major companies tapping into the latest trends in IT, including artificial intelligence and machine learning. Consequently, the developers are much more skilled and experienced compared to other parts in Europe, increasing the demand. Companies from all over the world look into outsourcing developers from the area. 

The Job Market and Software Engineer Salary in Other Cities in Germany

There are many other cities in Germany, such as Hamburg and Frankfurt, which also boast a good tech and IT industry. These are mostly local tech companies that thrive in the German industry and will often be lower-paying opportunities for developers. However, some of them are growing rapidly and offer excellent opportunities for developers to grow with the company.

The upside for software developers is that living in these cities is also relatively cheaper than some of the bigger cities in Europe and, therefore, the data scientist salary in Germany is often more rewarding. As a result, many skilled and experienced developers live in these lesser known or smaller cities.

Let’s explore some of the average annual salaries in the other cities in Germany and see how they compare to the senior software engineer salary Berlin:

it engineer salary in germany

From this data, it is clear that the web developer salary in Germany in other parts of the country is slightly lower. This has caused many businesses, both in Germany and around the world, to rather outsource IT jobs in Germany. The level of skill and experience are still high, while the rate to hire these experts are slightly lower.

Is Germany a Good Option for Software Developers?

Germany is a great country to live in; the people are friendly and welcoming, most of them speak enough English to communicate well, and the country is in the middle of Europe, so traveling is not a problem. Because the country offers such excellent living conditions and the best paid IT jobs Germany compared to other European countries, it is recommended for young, up-and-coming software developers to move here.

However, as with all countries, it is important to consider the downsides of living and working in Germany too. Some of the challenges for workers in the country include:

  • A language barrier: while most Germans speak some English, there are some employers who might only be looking for German-speaking employees.
  • A high cost of living: compared to some other countries in Europe, such as Portugal and Spain, Germany has a high cost of living.
  • Bureaucratic processes: Germany is well known for its bureaucracy, which can be very time-consuming and often frustrating for new employees.
  • Major cultural differences: Germany has a very unique culture, which can be challenging for foreigners to navigate in a work environment. This can easily lead to misunderstandings in the workplace.
  • Tough labor laws: The German labor laws are specifically designed to protect workers’ rights, but they can be strict, especially around issues such as overtime and leave.
challenges of getting well paid jobs in germany

Considering these points, it is very important to do careful research before making a move to Germany. Even though the data engineer salary Berlin and Munich may be an excellent advantage, and the demand for developers is high, it’s crucial to do further research.

  • For a list of all the advantages and disadvantages of working in Germany, Courses Data is a great resource.
  • To find well paid jobs in Germany, sites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Indeed, are a great starting point. Here you will also find tips for interview tips and a self introduction in German for job interview lessons.
  • To compare the average IT salary in Germany in different areas in the country, Salary Explorer is a good option.

Overall, Germany offers plenty of opportunities for software developers to start and further their careers. And the demand is high. It is just essential for anyone considering a move to do thorough research around living and working conditions, as well as salary expectations.

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