Top IT Courses in Germany for International Students: A Comprehensive Guide

it courses in germany for international students

One of the most essential challenges that international students face in Germany is where one can find the right IT course that will give them valuable knowledge that can be useful in the future. There are lots of courses so it is really easy to get lost in them. However, navigating through the myriad options of it training in Germany can lead students to discover specialized programs tailored to their interests and career goals, providing them with practical skills and expertise that are highly sought after in the job market.

IT Courses For International Students In Germany

There are many beneficial and exciting IT courses in Germany for international students. One can find the right course that is suitable particularly for them like online or offline lessons. Also, it will not be a problem to find IT courses in Germany in English.

All the courses have various requirements, for example, some of them are available only for students who already have a technical diploma – for instance, in engineering – or at least are already studying technical disciplines at university.

it courses in germany for international students

Top Universities With IT-related Courses

best it courses in germany in Technische Universität Berlin​

Technische Universität Berlin

This university provides its students with high leveled courses in various IT fields like developing websites or robotics. All the lecturers here are all professionals in their field and can help their students with even the most difficult task.

it diploma courses in germany in RWTH Aachen

RWTH Aachen

It is a research university that is not limited to exploratory work and, in addition to IT courses, also offers courses in mechanical engineering and civil engineering. It lets their students find the work successfully and practically use their knowledge.

LMU München​ universities offering it related courses in germany

LMU München

Besides other scientific fields, the university also works with informatics and provides its students with strong knowledge in IT and development. The university is in the German U15 - the list of 15 universities in Germany with the best level of education.

Best IT Courses In Germany

One can also try any other of the best IT courses in Germany. They come with different prices and focus on various fields of IT so everyone can find something suitable for themselves. Exploring the diverse offerings of IT training courses in Germany allows individuals to tailor their learning experience to their specific interests and career aspirations, ensuring they acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the dynamic field of information technology. For those interested in IT jobs Bonn, staying abreast of the latest developments in the industry and honing specialized skills through targeted training can enhance their prospects in the local job market.


Here one can find different IT courses that are based on popular languages like C or C++. Additionally, one can also try ASP.NET or Delphi. The list of courses is not limited only to these languages. Such courses will be absolutely useful for developing applications or websites.


If you are not interested in studying IT for web development, you can also try IBB as one of the online IT courses Germany uses. In fact, IBB has various courses in different fields of programming and gives you knowledge that will be useful in processing statistics and mathematics.


One can also try to get the course in VHS or Volkshochschule - such institutions are located almost in every town in Germany and provide all the interested in getting IT courses with useful knowledge. In the end, the student will get a certificate that shows their level of skills.

Best it courses in germany in english

Free Online IT Courses In Germany

The other useful way to study programming is to try free IT courses in Germany. It is also important to notice that some of these courses are placed on international and already known platforms so it will not be a problem to deal with them. Additionally, short it courses in Germany offer individuals the flexibility to acquire new skills and knowledge in a condensed timeframe, making them ideal for those looking to upskill or reskill without committing to long-term programs.

Java für Einsteiger

One of the best online IT courses Germany offers for beginners. It tells about the basis of Java and the ways how to use this programming language to create your applications and websites.

0 und 1 verstehen

The course created by Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern reveals all the nuances of working with different languages of programming and describes in detail how to create your first application which makes it one of the best IT courses Germany can offer.

Grundlagen der Elektrotechnik I

As the title makes it clear, the course introduces the basics of electronics. All the lessons are created by professors from the Technical University of Clausthal - one of the universities offering IT related courses in Germany.

online it courses germany

How To Choose The Right IT Course In Germany

So how to choose the right one? First of all, one needs to decide which field of IT they would like to learn. Additionally, it is also important to know where one will work after graduating from the university as different fields of IT have various but essential requirements. Exploring the diverse offerings of IT courses in Berlin can provide aspiring IT professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills tailored to their chosen field, whether it’s software development, cybersecurity, data science, or another specialized area, ensuring they are well-prepared for their future careers in the tech industry. For those considering opportunities to find an IT job in Düsseldorf, researching local industry demands and networking with professionals in the area can provide valuable insights into the specific skills and qualifications needed to excel in the city’s tech sector.

We would like to recommend you analyze all the German tech jobs and find out which one is the most in demand nowadays. After that, check out which knowledge and skills you need to get this position. And only then can you start looking for available courses. You may also download a German CV template to check which skills and knowledge people usually put on their resumes.

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